Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, cosmetic treatment method. It is based on the administration of products, such as pharmacological and homeopathic products, plant extracts and vitamins, into the fat (adipose) tissue.

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Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, cosmetic treatment. It is based on administration of such products as pharmacological and homeopathic products, plant extracts and vitamins into the adipose tissue.

​Mesotherapy triggers lipolysis, break down and cell destruction in the adipose tissue by targeting the adipose tissue.

It is a comfortable application. The injections are administered with fine needles for regional weight loss. There may be a little pain like a fly bite and then, mild bruising due to injection.


Weight loss,


Removal of wrinkles,

Removal of skin imperfections,

Skin tightening,

Removal of cellulites,

Prevention of hair loss,

Relieving rheumatismal and joint disorders.

Mesotherapy can be applied to many regions of the body for weight loss. Mesotherapy can be easily applied to areas which are more susceptible to fat accumulation such as abdomen, arm, love handles, legs, inner side of knees, back and hips. When the sessions are steadily continued, a slimming between 10-20 cm and a weight loss of 8-10 kg occur at the end of about 10-15 sessions.

An average of 10-15 sessions are performed per week, depending on application area and desired weight loss.


Mesotherapy is not recommended for patients with heart disease, pregnant women, diabetics and for patients with renal disease.

There is no age limit but it is recommended to apply from the age of 13 years, to more adult people.

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